Donate Cars to Charity

The day will come when the blue mini van is no longer a reliable means on transportation. It may not even be worth trading in on a new vehicle! Consider donating your used vehicle to a charity and take the fair market value as a tax deduction (be sure and consult your tax preparer for current laws).

3 blue mini vans

Your auto, car, van, truck, RV, motorcycle or any vehicle donation helps comfort children in crisis when you donate it to the Auto Donation group. They provide nationwide pickup, sell the vehicle and use the proceeds to provide teddy bears to young, injured or traumatized children, delivered by the Emergency medical technicians or Firemen responding to emergency calls involving children.

Your donation of a car, boat, SUV, motorcycle or other vehicle helps fund multiple charitable projects in over 50 countries, from life-changing operations, disaster relief efforts and computer training for orphans to free ambulance service or dental work for needy children. Simple processing by phone or online, and fast and free pickups lead to a tax deduction for your donation and the satisfaction of knowing you are helping humanitarian efforts without lifting a hand. They accept car donations online or by phone, pick it up (or tow it) for free and use the proceeds from the sale of it to help those in need, distribute Christian outreach materials and provide support to missionaries. They have been handling vehicle donations for 10 years and explain the process in simple terms on their website.

Free pick up, tax deduction, free vacation voucher and knowing you can help a visually-impaired individual are all great reasons to donate your car to the Heritage for the Blind.

Krazy Dad has additional resources for donating vehicles, all for good causes.

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1 Response to Donate Cars to Charity

  1. Whitney says:

    If you’ve specific charity in mind, then donating the car is the best phone call, but make sure how much your money will go into the fund.

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