Pass Along Used Camera Equipment

Upgrading your video camera or digital camera? Instead of keeping your old equipment in the closet on the shelf, you can sell or recycle the pieces you no longer use.

Camera equipment

Epson only accepts Epson products: cameras, printers, scanners, digital cameras, laptops, and projectors. The fee for this service is $10 per item. You pack the item and mail it to them, using their form, UPS ground. Just fill out a form on their website and they will send a pre-paid shipping label through the mail and a $5 coupon per item returned for a purchase at the Epson store.

KEH CAMERA BROKERS is America’s largest used camera and photographic equipment dealer. Their Online Sell/Trade System allows you to quickly get a quote for your used photographic equipment. In business in Atlanta Georgia since 1979, they pay top market value for clean, used gear.

In business since 2002, Used Camera Buyer offers free shipping and free, no-obligation instant quotes for your used camera equipment. The website claims the process is as easy as “point and shoot” photography to get cash for your old cameras.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning us! We’re a web-based business so no need to be in Georgia- you can ship your items in or sell them to us at live buying events around the country.

    After looking through your site (love it by the way!), you may also be interested to know that we also sometimes post about repurposing photographic items on our blog:

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