Sell, Trade, Give or Upcycle Gift Cards

Plastic gift cardsTHE GIFT CARD TRADER

You can sell or trade gift cards right online with the Gift Card Trader.  If you receive a gift, for instance, at a store you really don’t need anything from, this is a great way to get something you really want.  Just register, search for the gift card you want, and offer yours for sale on the site.  You can accept offers from others for your card, and make the trade directly.  You can also search by retailers for your favorites.


Card Avenue offers an online gift card registry.  Register an event, such as a wedding, shower, or birthday and share the event with friends and family.  It’s a ‘virtual’ way to ask for cash as a gift, to give and receive gift cards for a larger purchase, but in a more tactful way!

Check out our previous post on turning gift cards into cash!

Take a look at a unique art project for turning expired gift cards into a treasure!

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