Solutions and Statistics on Carpet in Landfill



Since construction & demolition waste takes up 25% – 30% of area landfill space, it’s important to repurpose your demolished materials.   Approximately 3.5 billion pounds of carpet are put in U.S. landfills every year!  In corporate and business offices, carpet is changed every 5-7 years on average, making it an ongoing disposal challenge. Carpet is sometimes hard to recycle or donate, so we’ve listed several options for you below.


The Carpet America Recovery Effort offers locations and sites across the U.S. that will recycle carpet.


Located in Colorado, ReSource accepts donations of reusable building materials and then resells them to the public at great prices. Everything at ReSource has been donated by homeowners, businesses, contractors or deconstruction experts.


Are you renovating or installing new carpet and need the old carpet removed? College Hunks Hauling Junk offers carpet removal services. Their professionally trained team will do all the work for you, including tearing up the old carpet and pads and recycling it for you.

Consider these other resources from Think Outside The Bin:

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2 Responses to Solutions and Statistics on Carpet in Landfill

  1. Very nice post on an emerging recycling effort.

    In the midwest and northeast, another option for carpet and pad recycling is CLEAR (Carpet Landfill Elimination and Recycling) – – who have assembled a long list of retail partners to divert carpet from landfills.

  2. Great information on recycling the carpets.

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