Donate a Prom Dress to Help Someone

Share the happiness, donate your prom dressCATHERINE’S CLOSET

Since 2002, Catherine’s Closet has provided over 6,000 gowns for special occasions and over $20,000 in scholarships.  They need your help with gown donations to keep their dream alive and continue the good work they do in New Jersey.  Their story and success is very inspirational, and you can form a group to join in the cause:

Catherine was an honor student and valedictorian of her class at Clifford Scott High School in East Orange, New Jersey. She was aspiring to be a doctor. A 14 year old in a stolen vehicle rammed into the car driven by Courtney, Catherine’s twin sister, killing Catherine . She was buried in her prom dress. In an essay she once wrote Catherine said,“People will know my name not for fame or fortune or out of Vanity, but they will know me because I have helped someone.”

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