Top Ten Recycling Tips from Think Outside The Bin

Think Outside The Bin book coverTHINK OUTSIDE THE BIN

“Think Outside The Bin:  Discard your common household items, help your neighbor, help your earth” was written with a vision of making a difference in America’s homes and landfills.  In celebration of our success, we offer you The Best Recycling Tips of 2011, our top picks and posts for the year:

10.  Top 5 Benefits of Social Recycling

9.  Cosmetic Database will convince you to recycle toxic products

8.  Get Organized Month gift for you

7.  The sights and smells of a landfill

6.  Don’t laugh, dentures can be donated!

5.  Crocs Cares about recycling – Our #1 clicked link was for recycling Crocs!

4.  Landfill statistics and Zero Waste America

3.  21 Ways to Recycle Medicine Bottles

2.  A sea of plastic: More plastic than plankton in our ocean

And the Ball Drops…

1.  Our #1 Post viewed by over 500 people in one day was:  Landfill Statistics in the U.S… Staggering.

Happy New Year…and thank you for your support and for your willingness to Think Outside The Bin this year!

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