Sustain Me Baby Recycles Plastic Toys

Sustain Me Baby

Sustain Me Baby Picture

Combining the work of two artists, this display is traveling to many cities, and currently presides at the Projective Eye Gallery at UNC Charlotte’s Center City, in Charlotte, N.C.

Joyce Dallal’s “The Other Toy Story” is a clever, artistic way to show how massive the problem of plastic waste is now and will continue to be in the future. Plastic toys are collected (here is where you recycle plastic toys!) and they are placed inside a 10-foot sculpture shaped like a giant wire baby. Since there are no viable recycling options for these commonplace items, the idea is that the structure can then become a piece of art for local communities and even in your own home (on a smaller scale).

Chris Jordan’s Midway series are photographs surrounding the giant baby of plastic…and they are a sobering documentation of images of dead baby albatrosses. Their dead bodies aren’t the most disturbing part, the contents found in their stomachs are what is so powerfully telling: they are full of plastic pieces of trash, mistaken for food and fed to the youngsters by their well-meaning Albatross parents. Jordan provides a stunning visualization of the magnitude of plastic waste in our society and the effects on wildlife and the environment.

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