Recycling Around The World

2017-countries-visited-totbThink Outside the Bin just hit 200,000 all time views, and the entire globe is watching us!

Thank you for all your support and recycling interest and efforts. People from Alaska to Australia, Sri Lanka to Slovakia, and Zimbabwe, too…are searching for recycling resources for their common household items.

The recycling industry and technology changes regularly, so keep those comments coming and let us know if you hear of any resource we should add to the database of common household items in need of recycling.

TOTB book coverOur Top 12 Posts of All Time Include:

  1. Recycle CDs, DVD, Cassettes for CASH
  2. How Much Is Your Donation Worth?
  3. Don’t laugh, dentures can be donated!
  4. Donate or Recycle Vacuum Cleaners
  5. How to Properly Dispose of License Plates
  6. Do You Have an Unused Swing Set in the Backyard?
  7. 21 Ways to Recycle Medicine Bottles
  8. How do you recycle balloons?
  9. Foam Rubber Reuse & Recycling
  10. Recycle Your Old Trampoline
  11. A Sea of Plastic: More Plastic than Plankton in our ocean
  12. Can you recycle air or water filters?


Think Outside the Bin Statistics – Number of Visitors from each country:

"United States",150239
"United Kingdom",7256
"South Africa",287
"New Zealand",189
"Hong Kong SAR China",149
"United Arab Emirates",135
"South Korea",122
"Saudi Arabia",117
"Puerto Rico",82
"European Union",77
"Czech Republic",61
"Sri Lanka",36
"Costa Rica",26
"Trinidad & Tobago",21
"Cayman Islands",20
"U.S. Virgin Islands",15
"Dominican Republic",14
"Isle of Man",9
"Palestinian Territories",8
"Bosnia & Herzegovina",8
"Northern Mariana Islands",7
"Netherlands Antilles",6
"French Polynesia",6
"Myanmar (Burma)",4
"El Salvador",4
"American Samoa",3
"Faroe Islands",3
"Macau SAR China",3
"Papua New Guinea",2
"Equatorial Guinea",2
"Sint Maarten",2
"Côte d'Ivoire",2
"Turks & Caicos Islands",2
"Solomon Islands",1
"Caribbean Netherlands",1
"Burkina Faso",1
"Cape Verde",1
"New Caledonia",1
"British Indian Ocean Territory",1
"British Virgin Islands",1
"St. Kitts & Nevis",1

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