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Musical Instruments can be appraised

HOUSE OF MUSICAL TRADITION  When you are ready to part with old instruments, consider one of the worthy causes that need them or review the websites that buy or consign, all of which are featured under the category of musical … Continue reading

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Donate computers to help schools

RECYCLES  At, you can post your computer or other office/classroom supplies and they list it for donation. You can anonymously choose the non-profit organization that you want to receive the donation. It is now federally mandated that all electronics … Continue reading

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Pots and pans must be recycled

Did You Know?  In New York City, it’s the law: Residents must place all your old pots and pans in recycling bins. Failure to separate them from the garbage or to clean up aluminum first can lead to a ticket. … Continue reading

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Postage Stamps to help the planet

U.S. POSTAL SERVICE Here are 16 ways to help the planet, ready to stick right on your envelopes and mail! If you buy your stamps at the postal service, ask for their new “green stamps”.  They have 16 different stamps … Continue reading

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Landfill Statistics in the U.S… Staggering

How much trash is in our landfills? The first U.S. landfill reportedly showed up around 1937.  Our trash totals have grown to epic proportions in less than three generations, and the statistics are staggering. Considering our ancestors burned most of their garbage, … Continue reading

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Top 5 Benefits of Social Recycling

Outside of the humanitarian benefits, (as if helping others in need was not enough!) there are many other reasons to discard your items in a responsible way. To make an informed decision on what to do with your things, consider … Continue reading

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The incredible benefits of recycling

What happens when you recycle and divert usable household items from the landfill? You reduce greenhouse gas emissions. You reduce methane emissions from landfills. You reduce emissions from incinerators. You reduce emissions from energy consumption. You save energy from producing … Continue reading

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Why we all need this recycling guide!

We’ve done hours and hours of research and now it is available to you in one interactive guide, including options and ideas for over 200 common household items. We’ve checked all the links and provided you with over 450 links, … Continue reading

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What is TOTB Recycling Guide?

“Think Outside the Bin” is a reference guide full of internet clickable links, tips and resources. These resources help you discard your common household items in a responsible way. If they can be recycled, we let you know how. If … Continue reading

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Think Outside The Bin Introduction

We’ve been friends for thirty years. During that time, we’ve each purchased a ton of stuff for our families and homes. We often asked each other, “what should I do with this thing,” or, “what’s the best use for these?” … Continue reading

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