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Ideas for Broken Crayons

Here are ideas to recycle, donate and upcycle old crayons: CRAYON CAN  The Crayon Can takes old, broken crayons and reforms them into new shapes. If you’re in the area, they will pick up; otherwise, mail to them.  CRAZY … Continue reading

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Donate Coloring Books

Children who love to color don’t care if the book is new or not, so there’s never an excuse for throwing these away half filled. Some of us adults even enjoy coloring in times of stress. There’s still joy left … Continue reading

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Samaritan’s purse helps devastated areas with donated household items

SAMARITAN’S PURSE  Samaritan’s Purse provides a great opportunity for donating all those extra supplies, pens, pencils, note pads, etc. in the Pack-A-Shoe-Box program. In addition, they accept many common household items, including toiletries, toys, t-shirts, ball caps, and jewelry.  Samaritan’s Purse … Continue reading

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Recycle crayons, mint tins to help school children

TOOLS FOR SCHOOLS  The Tools for Schools project accepts old and broken pieces of crayons. This volunteer project is part of the SCARCE program, which stands for School & Community Assistance for Recycling and Composting Education. The mission of SCARCE is … Continue reading

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