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Swap Paperbacks

PAPERBACK SWAP Paperback Swap helps members swap, trade and exchange books with each other for free. In short: mail a book; get a book. Any book you request is yours to keep, share, or trade. No late fees. No processing … Continue reading

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Are You a Book Mooch?

BOOK MOOCH BookMooch is a free online community for exchanging used books. BookMooch lets you give away books you no longer need in exchange for books you really want.

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Donate Used Books to Libraries

ADOPT A LIBRARY Adopt A Library offers a comprehensive website with contact information for donating your used books to schools, U.S. libraries, prisons, and international libraries.

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Council of the Blind thrift stores take common household items

AMERICAN COUNCIL OF THE BLIND Thrift stores operated by the American Council of the Blind will accept your common household items and put them to good use, helping visually impaired people. From their website, their mission is: The American Council of the … Continue reading

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Send extra bibles to Bible Senders

BIBLE SENDERS The Bible Senders’ mission is to give a bible free of charge to anyone who asks, anywhere in the world.  They are a 2-person, non-profit operation who have given out bibles in all continents except Antarctica and have … Continue reading

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Used books can be sold online

Here are 2 resources to sell books online: BLUE RECTANGLE  Blue Rectangle will buy used books and textbooks. On their website, log in the ISBN number to see if it is a book they will take. If so, they pay … Continue reading

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Cash is king for common collections

At Think Outside The Bin, we love to promote Social Recycling to “Help Your Neighbor…Help Your Earth”. Many household cast-aways are great candidates for Social Recycling, as the most responsible way to pass on those items.  But we also understand … Continue reading

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Common objects repurposed at local art studio

You just never know what common items you have around the house that can be repurposed into beautiful new items!  Concord, NC native Jessica Garmon opened a recycling art studio recently, naming it “Trashed”.  Her creative ideas are inspiring others … Continue reading

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Most paper products can now be recycled

Did you know? Chances are that your curbside recycling program accepts more types of paper these days than just flattened cardboard boxes and newspapers. Many areas can also recycle clean and dry computer paper, ledger paper, wrapping, arts and craft … Continue reading

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Reuse old phone books in new ways

YELLOW PAGES Check out the state locator to see where you can go in your area, then feel good that your old phone books are made into animal bedding, home insulation and much more.

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