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Discover the Value of Common Household Items

Many items in your home could be worth more than you think… but how do you determine their true market value? ┬áSome of these online appraisers and valuation services could be a great help! ONE OF A KIND ANTIQUES Appraising … Continue reading

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Find Buyers for Sports Collectibles

SPORTS BUY Merchandise that would be considered a collector’s item, such as baseball cards (and all sports cards), vintage balls, autographed items, can be found at Sports Buy, where they can provide an online auction for these types of sports … Continue reading

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Concert Posters Are Highly Collectible

DID YOU KNOW? Advertising memorabilia and vintage advertising items are highly collectible due to their beautiful artwork and charming designs. Advertising memorabilia comes in a variety of forms from posters and signs to ashtrays and drink coasters. So, what’s in … Continue reading

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How valuable are your collections and memorabilia?

COLLECTICS When you have advertising memorabilia that you no longer want or need, Collectics is an online antique store and vintage collectibles shop that is useful to research the value of items you have. This site helps in determining whether … Continue reading

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Creative ideas for keeping sentimental artwork

DID YOU KNOW? For paper artwork that has sentimental value only, you can keep it out of the landfill by: *taking a picture of it and putting it on a flash drive (recycle the original art) *making it into a … Continue reading

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