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Paper or plastic shopping bags?

When shopping, which bags should you choose when the cashier asks the proverbial question: PAPER OR PLASTIC? The best answer is neither. The Huffington Post reports: The Seattle City Council voted Monday (12/19/11) to ban single-use plastic bags from groceries … Continue reading

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Recycle Christmas Wrapping Paper

With Christmas rapidly approaching, we hope you’re planning for holiday recycling. In America, we throw away 25% more trash from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day than at any other time of year. This extra garbage amounts to 25 million tons … Continue reading

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New Use for Expired Coupons

Did you know military families stationed overseas can use coupons up to six months past their expiration date at military commissaries? It’s true. Instead of tossing your expired coupons in the recycling bin you can send them to Coups for … Continue reading

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Create a Mailing Envelope from a Paper Bag

Start a new holiday tradition by recycling paper grocery bags into U.S. post office approved mailing envelopes. A talented artist named Liesl gives you easy step-by-step instructions (plus photographs) to walk you through the process in the link below.

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Reduce, Reuse and Recycle all brochures

Did You Know? Brochures can be recycled along with all of your magazines. Learn to say “no thank you” the next time someone offers you a brochure, especially if you don’t need it or plan to use it.   If … Continue reading

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Death to Junk Mail and Phone Books!

Junk mail is such a waste! Consider these facts: Americans throw away 44 % of their junk mail and only half gets recycled! We pay $370 million each year to dispose of junk mail that is not recycled. 19 billion … Continue reading

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Download a Free Recycling Poster

PAPER RECYCLES For workplace, school and home recycling, download a free poster to remind everyone what kinds of paper items can go in the recycling bin. On the right-hand side of the Paper Recycles home page, you can create a customized paper … Continue reading

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Ode to Paper

Today’s Think Outside The Bin post is a poem about paper by Anna Fleig. As you clean off your desk this week, remember to recycle all the papers you no longer need. Papers, Papers, Papers I cannot seem to concentrate. … Continue reading

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What can be recycled?

What should I put in my recycle bin? Every community is different, but generally speaking all common household food and drink containers can be put in your recycle bin…leaving the “real trash” at a bare minimum.  If you aren’t generating … Continue reading

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Most paper products can now be recycled

Did you know? Chances are that your curbside recycling program accepts more types of paper these days than just flattened cardboard boxes and newspapers. Many areas can also recycle clean and dry computer paper, ledger paper, wrapping, arts and craft … Continue reading

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