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Top Ten Recycling Tips from Think Outside The Bin

THINK OUTSIDE THE BIN “Think Outside The Bin:  Discard your common household items, help your neighbor, help your earth” was written with a vision of making a difference in America’s homes and landfills.  In celebration of our success, we offer … Continue reading

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Donate Supplies to Animal Shelters

Find an animal shelter in your area that can make use of your old towels, newspapers, and plastic grocery bags: HUGS FOR HOMELESS ANIMALS H4HA provides a Worldwide Animal Shelter Directory. ADOPT A PET This pet-saving service is funded … Continue reading

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Plastic is a bad habit we need to break

WHY SHOULD WE ALL KICK THE PLASTIC HABIT? 1.  A plastic water bottle will not decompose for 500 years or more, maybe never if buried deep and dark in a landfill.  Most bottled water is simply tap water and has … Continue reading

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Common objects repurposed at local art studio

You just never know what common items you have around the house that can be repurposed into beautiful new items!  Concord, NC native Jessica Garmon opened a recycling art studio recently, naming it “Trashed”.  Her creative ideas are inspiring others … Continue reading

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Plastic Bags: A Blowing Problem

DID YOU KNOW? Plastic bags tend to “fly away” out of cars, trash cans, and landfills, littering our roadways, land and sea. Because of their light weight, plastic bags fly easily in wind and get tangled up in trees, fences, … Continue reading

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Plastic bags are easy to recycle, reuse and reduce

  Did You Know? You can easily reuse supermarket bags as kitchen garbage bags or as pooper-scoopers for dog and cat waste. Most supermarkets recycle bags; check for a bin at the store entrance. Your curbside recycling program or local … Continue reading

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