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Plastic is a bad habit we need to break

WHY SHOULD WE ALL KICK THE PLASTIC HABIT? 1.  A plastic water bottle will not decompose for 500 years or more, maybe never if buried deep and dark in a landfill.  Most bottled water is simply tap water and has … Continue reading

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Recycle your toothbrush every 3 months

RECYCLINE (Preserve Products) In the Preserve Toothbrush Mail-Back program, you buy a recycled plastic toothbrush from Recycline, and the company will take it back to be recycled again into plastic lumber.   They make it easy, just pop your used … Continue reading

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What can be recycled?

What should I put in my recycle bin? Every community is different, but generally speaking all common household food and drink containers can be put in your recycle bin…leaving the “real trash” at a bare minimum.  If you aren’t generating … Continue reading

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What number plastics can I recycle?

Did You Know? Community curbside recycling programs often accept plastic containers marked “1” or “2” on the bottom. Rules for other plastics vary wildly from place to place. Seattle advises residents to ignore altogether the numbers stamped on container bottoms … Continue reading

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Recycle #5 plastic containers at Whole Foods

Preserve Gimme 5 Preserve launched the Gimme 5 program in 2009 by working with Whole Foods to offer a #5 plastic polypropylene (PP) recycling option in their stores.  Presently, Preserve Gimme 5 collection bins are located in more than 200 … Continue reading

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