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Sustain Me Baby Recycles Plastic Toys

Sustain Me Baby Combining the work of two artists, this display is traveling to many cities, and currently presides at the Projective Eye Gallery at UNC Charlotte’s Center City, in Charlotte, N.C. Joyce Dallal’s “The Other Toy Story” is a … Continue reading

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Think Outside The Bin is a Go-To Resource

At the 2012 Virginia State Conference of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Think Outside The Bin was recognized as the “go to” source for recycling. This resource guide helped the Frances Bland Randolph Chapter in Petersburg, VA win the … Continue reading

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Top Ten Recycling Tips from Think Outside The Bin

THINK OUTSIDE THE BIN “Think Outside The Bin:  Discard your common household items, help your neighbor, help your earth” was written with a vision of making a difference in America’s homes and landfills.  In celebration of our success, we offer … Continue reading

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Paper or plastic shopping bags?

When shopping, which bags should you choose when the cashier asks the proverbial question: PAPER OR PLASTIC? The best answer is neither. The Huffington Post reports: The Seattle City Council voted Monday (12/19/11) to ban single-use plastic bags from groceries … Continue reading

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Compostable Plates Made from Sugar Cane

COMPOSTABLE BIO-PLASTICS Some plastic items like these single-use plates by Solo are bio-degradable in community composting facilities. Find a Composter offers a searchable database to locate a composting facility in your area. Explore the Resources Page, as well as links … Continue reading

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Plastic is a bad habit we need to break

WHY SHOULD WE ALL KICK THE PLASTIC HABIT? 1.  A plastic water bottle will not decompose for 500 years or more, maybe never if buried deep and dark in a landfill.  Most bottled water is simply tap water and has … Continue reading

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Plastic Nursery Pots Can Be Reused and Recycled

If you’ve been doing any gardening this Spring, chances are you have a collection of plastic nursery pots to recycle. Many curbside recycling programs will pick them up but if they don’t, look for ways to reuse them. DID YOU … Continue reading

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A sea of plastic: More plastic than plankton in our ocean

Staggering Statistics: It is estimated that we have 6 times more plastic than plankton in our Oceans. Almost 80% of the 3.5 million tons of trash in the ocean is plastic. Every year, at least a million sea birds and … Continue reading

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Crafty idea for saving plastic lids from the landfill

Tap into the creative mind of a Kindergarten teacher and her kids, and you can make almost anything with your plastic lids.  Most recycling programs don’t want your lids, they are often made with different plastics than what is accepted, … Continue reading

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What can be recycled?

What should I put in my recycle bin? Every community is different, but generally speaking all common household food and drink containers can be put in your recycle bin…leaving the “real trash” at a bare minimum.  If you aren’t generating … Continue reading

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