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Landfill Laws Changing E-waste Disposal

Computers, cell phones, televisions, printers, copiers and other electronics have been banned from landfills in 17 states throughout the U.S. ┬áSeven of these bans took place in 2011 and 2 more take effect soon (Illinois in January 2012 and Pennsylvania … Continue reading

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Kaz and Mo Have a New Video!

KAZ & MO The coolest girls in town, Kaz & Mo, have a new green video on YouTube! You’ll love meeting the Landfill Gang along with best friends Kaz & Mo as they delight in “Being Green”. Producers Karen Keeley … Continue reading

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Landfill statistics and Zero Waste America

If you lived in America in 1960, you generated about 2.68 pounds of waste a day. By 1970, we averaged 3.25 pounds per person, and when the 21st Century started, we were on our way to 5 pounds per day. … Continue reading

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The sights and smells of a landfill

According to CleanAir.org, the Southern U.S. have the most landfills – 726 – compared to only 134 in the Northeast U.S. Welcome to the south, ya’ll! Here’s one of my local Carolina landfills, complete with vultures…and, unfortunately, many of our … Continue reading

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Plastic Bags: A Blowing Problem

DID YOU KNOW? Plastic bags tend to “fly away” out of cars, trash cans, and landfills, littering our roadways, land and sea. Because of their light weight, plastic bags fly easily in wind and get tangled up in trees, fences, … Continue reading

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